Saturday, February 25, 2017

Heart4Heart Girls at NYC Toy Fair

hearts4hearts next doll AyaWe've got new Dolls coming.....
Playmates introduced their newest doll at the 2017 Toyfair held in NYC this past week.

Her name is Aya, she's a 10 year old from Syria; because of the war, she and her family are being uprooted to Canada as refugees. I reached out to the company at their website, but no word yet.

Such a sweet face, she'll be a welcomed addition to my little family.

Aya is dressed in simple clothes, much like Dell was. The yoke on her top has stitching resembling embroidery. Reminiscent of the tops with embroidered yolks done in Germany. She's so cute! Love her hair, with the little blue barrette.
Aya's not listed on the official Hearts4Hearts Girls website yet, but I sure hope she's added soon. I can't wait to give her a permanent home.

Friday, January 30, 2015

The cold never bothered me anyway......NOT!

Because the cold and I are enemies, I take to the indoors.  That gives me lots of time on the weekends between life with my grands, to work on pieces for my Heart4Heart Dolls
I absolutely adore the cosplay costume for Frozen by McCalls


So I did this

heart4heart frozen costume
Lauryce dressed as Elsa in Cosplay

I figured she'd be in the snow, hence the boots. I never did get why Elsa had on heels in all that snow!
I think it came out cute. I like the leggings instead of the short stretch pants for the doll. Works better I think.

Working on Red Riding hood next.  Into the woods anyone?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Can't wait for spring

inside my workroom,
Those few days of warm weather we had a few weeks ago, made me hopeful for spring. I want to go outside and sing my grandson's little rhyme, "what can we do today, what can we dooo?" I want to take him and his sister to the park and go on adventures. Seems like the answer to his little song these days has been, "shovel the car out!"  LOL. Anway, for now it gives me time with my creative outlet. And speaking of which, visit my etsy shop this weekend for great additions to your girls wardrobe.

I hope where ever you are, you too can join me in saying, just a few more weeks- this too shall pass!
hip hop dots for American Girl/Springfield Dolls by CelenaLei
She's ready for the park 

Ready for Spring for HeartsforHearts/14" doll in CelenaLei
Is it Spring yet? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a beautiful day

Take your girls out and enjoy the sunny days. She is cold, so bundle up stay warm and get some sun. Your lungs will thank you.
Dress your girl in warm coats and sneaks, they'll be the cutest in play circle.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I couldn't resist, they're so cute!

Well I couldn't resist...

I've just added 3 more lovely Hearts4Hearts Dolls to my doll family.
Mosi, Shola, Lauryce hearts4hearts dolls
Mosi, Shola, Lauryce Hearts4Hearts Dolls

3?! I know, but I couldn't resist. These 2 came by way of Amazon; I wanted
Rahel, and have been looking for a reasonably priced one of her.
hearts4hearts dolls
Shola from Afganistan, Mosi from New Mexico
I was on Target's website and saw she was in stock. Ha! Not true, when they add stock for these dolls, all of the dolls come as a group, so there's no individual stock number for each doll. Their site showed stock for Rahel, but in actuality, it could have been 1 of any doll. I was with my granddaughter, and when I couldn't find Rahel, she said, "let's go to another store and find her, they don't have the one you want."

hearts4hearts doll
Lauryce hearts4hearts doll from New Orleans
        But I saw Lauryce, and said to my grand, "Oh, I think I'll just get this one." Her response, "yeah, yeah, (shaking her head) - just get this one."

So now we have 3 more of these cute dolls. Their faces, and eyes are so adorable!

Mosi with hair twist, heart4heart doll
I took the feather out, and twisted a few pieces of her hair.
heart4heart Shola doll
I was real curious about whether they gave her long hair under the wrap.


They'll all be seen forever more in my CelenaLei pieces.

Lauryce, Consuelo, and Dell Heart4Heart dolls in CelenaLei
Lauryce, Consuelo, and Dell in CelenaLei pieces

Mosi in CelenaLei styled clothing
Hearts4Hearts Mosi relaxing

Until next time...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet My New additions!

heart4heart doll
 Isn't she the cutest - Marietta (I call her).
She's a Heart4Heart Doll. She can fit 14" doll clothes with little adjustments.

heart4heart doll

                                                                           This is Sammi; she's Heart4Heart Doll too!

These dolls are 14" and are easy to pose. Their fully jointed. 
Each doll has a set of bracelets and earrings

At first sight, my 3 year old granddaughter exclaimed, "She so beauuuutiful!" 
Each doll is specific to a certain country;
 Marietta, is from Mexico City, and Sammi from the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. 

We'll have lots of fun sharing tips and finds with you for these dolls.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warm and Toasty

While I was making this set, I was taken back to my youngest daughters 1st year in school. Which happened to be her 3rd grade class, ( I homeshcooled mine). I made her a little jacket and shorts almost like this. It was so cute! She had a class trip; they were going to a museum in some part of Kentucky and the girls were all dressing up. So cute!